Come Zap Your PRAM on P.E.I.

Zap Your PRAM ConferenceWe (we being myself, Dan James of, Daniel Burka of silverorange, and Peter Rukavina of Reinvented) are organizing the first ever Zap Your PRAM Conference in Cavendish, Prince Edward Island, Canada – October 24-26, 2003.

The idea is get a small group (max of 40) of interesting people together to share ideas and talk about what interests us (weblogs, technology, design, etc.). We have some really interesting people on board so far including Buzz Bruggeman of ActiveWords fame.

What the hell does “Zap Your PRAM” mean? Read all about it.

Attendance is by invitation, but if you are interested, then chances are you are also interesting — so drop me a line and request an invitation (

All of the details of the conference can be found at