Micropayments Revisted, Again

BitPass (currently in beta), appears to be a working Internet micropayment system. This could be really exciting. It seems to work like a prepaid calling card. You buy chunks (smallest is 3USD) of BitPass money, and your micropayments are deducted from that. Spending is anonymous, and the system even deals with access control to the content.

Micropayments seem like a great idea in theory. It will be interesting to see how this pans out. I know that I would pay 15 cents every day to read my morning webcomics and news. At the risk of hyping propaganda I don’t fully understand, I think micropayments are great and have the potential to stimulate the flow of original content on the Internet.


JetsGo Frustration

Canadians, especially those of us who live in Charlottetown, have been excited about JetsGo lately. It’s a new airline which will hopefully provide less expensive airfare intra-Canadian (and a few US) locations.

Their website, lets you shop around for flights by feeding it an origin, destination, and preferred departure time. This is great to. I like being able to get quotes right away and enjoy shopping around a bit.

But my frustration comes from a single part of the interface that could easily be fixed. If there is no flight available the day you picked it will say as much, then offer two buttons “One Day Before” and “One Day Further”. Now, with bigger cities, this works great, because there is always a flight coming in or out (apparently) on any given day. Toronto to Montreal for example has a few on each day. But try Charlottetown to anywhere. It’s a wasteland of emptiness! And you can only iterate through day by day. It takes forever!

It would be great if there were “Skip ahead to next flight” buttons. And I doubt it would be difficult to implement.


They’re coming!

Amazon is now taking preorders for Segway Human Transporters!!

Those things are real! And this March you’ll be seeing doctors, lawyers, and trendy internet punks screaming everywhere.

If you want one, it’ll set you back about five thousand American dollars. I’m not sure if that’s a good deal for a human technoscooter or not. Perhaps a stink should be raised on the topic of them being a monopoly.

Sadly, I feel I’m in the wrong environment for said scooter. If they can put skis on it for slushy swampy environments, I’d love one. Perfect for a tiny little town or campus.

But 5000$… I guess we’ll have to start up with X10 popups on AOV.


Mail Order Canada

Canadian Favourites (bonus points for correct spelling of ‘favourites’). Now anybody can get the Canadian experience of eating bulk Kraft Dinner, Swiss Chalet gravy, and all you need to brew your own Double-Double.

I’ve noticed a lot of Canada-envy in our discussions between the accents and the root-beer. But now, you can all live like kings. Cheers.


better than the university poster sale

I’ve switched over to using a Mac about a month or so ago, and that has been keeping me from posting for a bizarre reason. But I decided that this site was reason enough for me to fire up the old P3 at home once again.

I was trying to install Gnutella and when I visited its page, I was presented with a pop up. I followed it to find DA Prints. It’s an amazing collection of indie art and photography and you can order them up and get them on your wall rather painlessly.

Check out deviantART for more cool stuff.


better than a dead moose’s head

After a heated debate, one which I was positive I was correct and felt silly defending myself, on the topic of “are lobsters insects” (they have like eight legs without counting the claws, that should have been enough!) I found myself researching big bugs on the internet. I learned about the biggest bug (aptly named the Titanus Giganteus) and somehow I found Bug in a Box.

You can buy all kinds of dead bugs in boxes here. Cool leaf monsters to beetles that look like works of art. I was amazed as I went through this at how neat the idea was. They even have couple of very ugly ones.

I want a Death Bug.

Is this like wearing fur? You can get a butterfly to match your couch!


for 10k they should wash my car too

As I was poking around the Apple History, trying to sponge up as much of my new heritage as possible before my iBook arrives, I stumbled across an anecdote concerning Apple’s 20th Anniversery Macintosh. It was a pricey beast at around 10,000$ but somebody wrote in with this bit, making it all seem worthwhile:

… it started at a retail of $10 K. But what this included was that a limo would deliver the Mac to your house, and a man in a Tuxedo would set it up for you… Not bad for $10 K.

Don’t they do stuff like that at Saturn?


down but not out!

Netscape 7 has materialized. I watched somebody try to install it, and it crashed after trying to force support of AOL’s ART format and RealPlayer onto him. Bad first impressions.


lotto super 7

Sooner or later somebody’s bound to win this. It has snowballed up to an estimated 34 million dollars now, and I have a 1 in 10,000,000 chance of winning a slice of 60% of it. I bought two instant picks with Tag.

The last largest Jackpot ever awarded was to a 21 year old in Ontario back in 1997. That one was a pot of 21 million dollars. This one should beat it. The big ones only ever seem to be won by one person. $16.6 million was awarded to a single person too, back in 1996.

So, I am a person. I am nearly 21. I think I’ve got this one in the bag. I guess my point is, if I win, you’re all getting coffee mugs.