Beautiful Songs

A recent instance of the recurring Reddit thread, “What is the most beautiful song you’ve ever heard?” is full of so many beautiful songs, you could get lost in it for hours.

When you hear something special in a piece of music, you want to others to hear it and to know that you shared that experience (“Hey, you’re alive? Me too!”). I once heard Sarah McLachlan refer to this shared experience as ‘resonating souls’. It sounds cheesy, but it’s the best way I’ve heard it put into words.

Two songs that came to mind for me were:

Warning to those who watched the show Six Feet Under: you may end up hearing that song from the finale and having flashbacks. I even heard echoes of it (or rather, what it echoes from) in Philip Glass’ metamorphosis 2.


One thought on “Beautiful Songs

  1. Wow, never heard this song of Radiohead before but really enjoy listening to it now. And that keyboard counter-melody is catchy!

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