“Ska music is like a romantic comedy…”

Quoth George Stroumboulopoulos on The Strombo Show:

“Ska music is like a romantic comedy, unless it’s genius, it’s terrible.”

He goes on to say that “[a]verage, middle-of-the-road Ska is some of the worst music you’re ever going to hear in your life.”

The Strombo Show is George Snuffalupagus’ new 4-hour radio show on CBC Radio 2. A recent playlist included enough music from my own life (Radiohead, Catherine Wheel, the Doughboys, etc.) and classics (Neil Young, The Clash, the Ramones, etc.), to keep me listening to music I haven’t heard before (Sea Wolf, MIA, etc.).

Unfortunately, the show isn’t podcasted by the CBC due to music licensing issues. At least for now, though, Episode 5 (referenced here) is available online.


10 thoughts on ““Ska music is like a romantic comedy…”

  1. Daniel, I had considered insulting your band of olde in my post, I’m glad you did it yourself. Now I get to enjoy your shame without being a jerk (right?). Also, that Raveonettes video is great.

  2. Hi everybody,
    as an Alleinunterhalter and one man music- comedy entertainer I had to learn insulting people. And I gotta admitt: It IS FUN. Yet – the art of comedy is, to rehabilitate the “victims” after all.



  3. Just leave your brain in the back seat and enjoy the show. This is the best way to draw the complete juice from the romantic comedy like this one. It is really fun Ska.

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