Shepard Fairey: From Mozilla to Obama

Artist Shepard Fairey has recently become widely known for his iconic Obama posters (featured on the cover of Time magazine). It is much less widely known that he created another iconic image from the tech world.

Sometime in 1998, Shepard Fairey created the lizard artwork that became the logo and mascot for the Mozilla project. Even today, this lizard is still used in the logo for the Mozilla Foundation.

Shepard Fairey Mozilla and Obama artwork


16 thoughts on “Shepard Fairey: From Mozilla to Obama

  1. I’ve always appreciated his work for Mozilla; his logos, banners, shirts were really great. That style remembering ’30/40s russian poster art was astonishing and “very geek”. I was disappointed when they disappeared being substituted with the current ones.
    Just look at the current mozilla shop shirts, would you buy them? They feel anonymous. I would prefer the “hack” one.

  2. That’s a pretty cool fact. I wonder if he thought the Obama picture would ever become as popular as it has…its everywhere now.

  3. I am a huge fan of Mozilla, but not that big a fan of President Obama. With that said I still get a weird feeling looking at his Obama work. It is something almost magical, and resembles how people initially felt about him. Anyhow, I like the art work.

  4. Obama is a great president and the campaign poster is awesome. Just wish Shep hadn’t used someone else’s photo for it. Fair use, maybe, but I prefer complete originality.

  5. I like Obama and Shep’s campaign poster but wish he hadn’t used someone else’s photo for it. His artwork is awesome, though!

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