The Conservative Party of Canada (who still deserve credit for dropping the “Progressive” from their name) deserve a heaping dollop of shame for threatening to boycott the televised leadership debates if the Green Party was included. Shame on the other leaders and the media for letting it happen.


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  1. They *may* deserve credit for dropping “Progressive” from the party name – but sadly it also meant dropping a lot of their progressive policies as well.

  2. The NDP deserves a dollop of shame as well: it’s obvious that their approach to the Greens is to just hope they go away, and Jack Layton has been largely silent on the debate issue.

  3. Way to thumb your nose at the democratic process! Great job done by all parties. They’re supposed to hide by their mafioso fascism a bit better so that we will vote for them, thinking that we actually have a democratic choice in this country.

  4. Remember that Harper is the man who not only condoned back-stabbing and blatant lying for political gain, her rewarded such behavior. Remember The David orchard/McKay situation?

  5. Stephen Harper called us a “culture of defeat”. I have worked all of my life and never collected UI. How dare he call Maritimes that. We educate our young and they go elsewhere so that other provinces benefit from the dollars we have put into their education. For the first time in my life, I have made a donation to a party – the Liberals – because I believe Dion is an honest, decent man. Harper needs to acquire the ethics Dion has although I doubt he ever will. This person from the “culture of defeat” has one goal for the next month – DEFEAT STEPHEN HARPER!!!!!

  6. The Conservative Party of Canada who foist their choice of people to run to represent us as opposed to those we choose. Some democracy!! Dictatorship is alive and well in the Conservative party. God help us if they win the election. This voter from the “culture of defeat” as Harper called us has one goal. It is to see harper defeated>

  7. The Conservatives’ shameful “slot-machine” commercials slandering the Liberal leader have shown once more that they have no civilized respect for the other political parties — or for ideas and thoughtful policies. Their warmongering shows no interest in Canada’s reputation as a peaceful country. And their attack on Income Trusts shows even less consideration for their formal committments nor for the individual taxpayers, especially the (current or future) seniors. Do the Tories have to grab our RRSPs before Canadians realize that the Conservatives are not a viable political option, they are just pure EVIL?

  8. Mr. Harper is an extremely dangerous individual. He is a shape shifter, he can be whomever you want him to be but you are never sure of what you are getting until it is too late. He is a control freak, the members of his party are told to keep their mouths shut in case they say something that will embarrass the party or reveal their true intentions – just read from the script and keep repeating it until everyone believes it’s true. During his time in office he showed disdain for the media and rarely gave interviews. I think that he believes that the media is just a tool for him to manipulate to his own ends. I believe that if he forms a majority government he will align our country more closely then ever with the United States, where the rich get richer and everyone else just gets a lot poorer. I also believe that he is willing to write off parts of the country that he does not deem necessary for his party to win a majority government.
    The present day Conservative Party (Reform / Alliance) was born out of an extreme right wing ideology – do you really think many of the candidates have changed their fundamental beliefs? What does this mean for our country? Will they make Canada a better country to live in for all citizens or just the elite few? What will happen to many of our social programs that make our country unique and livable?
    I have a notion, that Mr. Harper, if he manages to win a majority, will use the looming economic crisis in the U.S. (a crisis which is bound to eventually spill over into Canada) to enact drastic legislation that the public would not accept under normal circumstances. Think of the Patriot Act (which curtailed many of the freedoms that American citizens once enjoyed) which was passed after 9/11 or what the American taxpayer is now being asked to accept to bail out a flawed banking system. Read Naomi Klein’s “The Shock Doctrine” for further expansion and clarification of this theory. You don’t think it can happen in “the true north strong and free”, think again, Harper and Bush are cut from the same cloth.
    Are we as Canadians brain dead? Are we prepared to elect a leader and a party that have not even done us the curtsy of revealing their platform. What are we in store for? We expect this flagrant disregard for democracy in Alberta where our votes are taken for granted. Very few campaign signs are put up, Conservative (Reform / Alliance) candidates do not go door to door to discuss the issues with voters (or even distribute literature explaining their position) and we are very fortunate if anyone from the Conservative Party (Reform / Alliance Party) attends a candidate’s forum to discuss the concerns of the constituents. Really, in this province the election is a nonevent. The Conservative Party (Reform / Alliance Party) makes a mockery of the electoral process in our beloved country.
    I really feel that this is a crucial time for our country. I hope that everyone gets out and votes for the party of their choice – just don’t be an robot, put some thought into your decision.

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