Photoshop Retouching: Start ’em Young

While in the hospital with our perfect new baby, we were given a catalogue for a photographer that takes baby pictures. One of the services offered is creepy beauty-magazine-like, skin smoothing, blemish removing, photo retouching.

Creepy Baby Photo re-touching Service

Just in case your baby wasn’t already born with a body-image problem.


6 thoughts on “Photoshop Retouching: Start ’em Young

  1. Extremely disturbing indeed. We’ll have our first baby in less than a month, in Québec-City. The only camera that comes near our baby is mine, and if somebody dares approaching us with such an offer, I’ll make a counter-offer to do the same to their face. No computer will be harmed in the process, and I don’t think the before/after sequence will be the same, though. Hospitals should not let such crap in.

  2. You know, you’re the exception not the rule. I lose clients over NOT offering the retouches. I figure there’s some other arsehole out there perfectly willing to take their money and make their child look like a plastic dolly.

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