Juno Songwriters Circle for a Saturday Afternoon

Last week’s Juno awards festivities (think: Grammy’s for Canada) in Calgary produced a few great performances. A few of these took place at the Songwriters Circle and were captured by CBC’s Radio 2 Podcast.

The two parts in include performances by Joel Plaskett, Serena Ryder, Jeremy Fisher, Jay Malinowski of the Bedouin Soundclash and others. Both Plaskett and Ryder play new songs and some crowd singing-along may cause goose-bumps.

The recordings can be downloaded via the Radio 2 Podcast or downloaded directly:

  1. Juno Songwriters Circle Part 1 (46Mb MP3)
  2. Juno Songwriters Circle Part 2 (48Mb MP3)

2 thoughts on “Juno Songwriters Circle for a Saturday Afternoon

  1. Things I Never, Ever Expected to Hear, #1: Joel Plaskett singing Snowbird.

    Thanks for the link to those – not a bad song in the bunch.

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