Christmas Package Tracking

Package Contents: Christmas gifts for my entire family

Package Status: In transit

Current Package Location: UPS shipping facility, Lachine, Quebec (a little under 1,000 kilometers from my house)

Scheduled Delivery: December 28

Bah: Humbug


10 thoughts on “Christmas Package Tracking

  1. My UPS package is sitting here in Sherwood. All day Friday it sat there and wasn’t on a truck because of “weather”. I don’t know whats worse… having the package here within a 2 minute drive… or 1000km away. UPS blows.

  2. Score one for the crown corporation. I sent my gifts to Ontario via Canada Post on Wednesday at 7pm, and they arrived Saturday morning. I’ve had good results with FedEx via work, but in my experience UPS isn’t any better than the regular post.

  3. Still no new post? This is the blogging equivalent of leaving your Christmas lights up way too long. Bah humbug indeed.

  4. Do you know if there is a way to pick up items from the UPS facility in Sherwood? Or even where it is located? My laptop is stuck there and it is getting rediculous.

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