Distributed Punch in the Face System

Suggestion for a distributed open-source system to fight badness:

The system allows you to enter the name/location of a person who needs to be punched in the face, somewhere in the world (a known spammer, for example).

Then, you see if there is anyone near you that needs to be punched in the face. Punch them.

I’m not sure if it will scale.


21 thoughts on “Distributed Punch in the Face System

  1. Bah, who needs the website? Just go and randomly punch someone in the face. You can be sure that they’ve done *something* to deserve it sometime in their life. 😉

  2. You are clearly unaware of the Belgian Postal Service’s “leave a pin on a jerk’s chair by mail” program that has existed since 1887.

  3. Hmm. But what if I sent Steve a punch for using obsolete as a verb (for example) when really it only deserved a glare?

    Obviously, I’d need a wiki of my peers to determine the scale of the offense and the amount of negative karma.

  4. It would scale: I’d personally create a mashup where I’d use a knife.

    To scare them.

    Before I smash them in the bracket.

  5. I’d like to nominate quite a few people – but can i also give them a kick up the ass!! ALL Politicians – Most Referees – The Nanny Brigade
    any other suggestions –

  6. I personnaly dont believe in violence(not to homosapiens anyway) If you are hostile-it creates a sense of hostility not just for the one intended,but for those others around also..Have people not seen enough of violence-It only takes a nod of the head to end a life in some parts of the world.
    Havent we not been educated! Or are we going back to barbaric ways.

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