Predicting the Future of Late Night

Now that Conan O’Brien is locked in for taking over the Tonight Show from Jay Leno (it’s old news, I know), I have a prediction the other late night show.

In a few years, I predict David Letterman will hand over his show to Jon Stewart.


2 thoughts on “Predicting the Future of Late Night

  1. My thoughts too…Letterman recently signed a new deal that keeps him there until 2010, one year after the Conan switch over. Unless of course he wants to make the move earlier. Letterman also owns his show, which means he could potentially step down and hire Jon to replace him and still rake in the cash.

    I’m also predicting that early on after taking over Conan will do the right thing and have Dave on as a guest, as Dave did with Johnny when he moved to CBS.

    Am I way too involved in all this?

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