Halloween Highlight

The first trick-or-treat-er that came to our house this Halloween had a lit cigarette. I kid you not. That said, it still beats the first year at this house, when I had a handful of Unicef money stolen.


7 thoughts on “Halloween Highlight

  1. I didn’t have any Trick-Or-Treaters come by. I guess climbing stairs to the third floor of the apartment complex seemed like too much work for the kiddies. Or else parents decided to take their kids somewhere safer.

  2. Didn’t you have a kid take a can of 5-alive from you last year, only to go running back to his parents yelling “Dad, Dad! I got a beer!”

  3. Pat (or “Patrick”, as our mother prefers) is right about the “I got a beer” comment. Perhaps the greatest Halloween moment of all time.

    Charlie, as for treats, I did the cans of juice again this year. However, due to some apparently drastic demographic shifts in our neighbourhood (and some weak math skills on my part), I actually ran out of candy. I had to turn the lights out and hide upstairs. The shame!

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