Firefox 2

Since you are on the internet right now (admit it, you are), you are probably aware that Firefox 2 has been released. My congratulations to all involved. While I was much less involved in the visual design this time around, it was still a pleasure to have been involved at all.

The website has been updated as well. This website update was something that I was much more involved with than the actual browser update. The design itself was done by the Nobox Marketing Group (get it?) with the implementation handled by our team at silverorange and the good people at Mozilla.

My favourite new feature in Firefox 2 (after the spell checking and recently-closed tabs, that is): Try entering a math formula into the Google search box (I’d recommend 57 * 4 / pi). Notice that the solution to your formula is instantly displayed in the suggested results. Thanks to Paul Kim for pointing out this gem.


7 thoughts on “Firefox 2

  1. hbons: I can’t take the credit, really. The design was created by a firm called NoBox, and I helped to implement it on the site.

  2. Steven’s much too modest about his contributions. The fact that the updated looks great wouldn’t have been possible without his CSS kung-fu.

    @erez: yeah, it’s a Google feature, but one that is exposed wonderfully in Firefox 2 in a way that is pretty damn cool.

  3. Good job. I really adore the mozilla website for being so damn simple and nicely navigatable. Just like Firefox itself, it only does what it really aught to.

    As for Firefox 2 itself, I can’t live without a spellchecker anymore. And it’s still a lean, mean, ‘does one thing and does it well’ kick arse browser that doesn’t get in my way. Thanks for taking your part in making it rock 🙂

  4. Hey, I’m just happy that Firefox supports all of the elements of HTML … IE7 still doesn’t support the Q tag.

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