Video from GUADEC, the GNOME User and Developer European Conference


The GNOME User and Developer European Conference (GUADEC) is underway this weekend in Stuttgart, Germany. For those, like myself, who are unable to attend, the fine open-source media company, Fluendo is providing live streams and archived videos of the talks.

The talks from GUADEC day one are now available for download. The videos are encoded in the free/open-source Ogg Theora format. On Linux, anyone using a Gstreamer player, Helix, or VLC can play the videos. Windows users can install the plugin for Windows Media Player, and Mac users can use VLC

Thanks to Fluendo and the conference organizers for providing the videos.

Update: The talk by Ralph Giles of (the organization behind the Ogg Vorbis audio codec and the Theora video codec mentions that Yahoo is shipping the DirectShow (Windows Media) plugins for these open-source formats with their Yahoo Music service download. In simpler terms, this means that people who have download the Yahoo Music player can automagically play Ogg Vorbis and Theora files in Windows Media Player. Nice.


3 thoughts on “Video from GUADEC, the GNOME User and Developer European Conference

  1. I love how the Miguel De Icaza video starts with 5-10 minutes of absolutely NOTHING happening except Miguel standing at a podium, and then he points out a bug in the video driver. I guess Linux on the Desktop isn’t ready for video editing.

  2. Miguel is somewhat insufferable. The Owen Taylor video includes an hour and a half of an empty room at the end (!!!). I’m really glad I pay a flat rate for bandwidth.

  3. Matt: Yeah, trouble with video and resolution when running projectors from laptops is a common theme in several of the videos.

    As for the editing, these are just quick dumps of the video streams from earlier today. I’m sure they’ll be edited later on.

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