Wiretap on CBC Radio

I’m not exactly sure what the CBC Radio program, Wiretap, is. Comedy, I guess. Regardless, it is fantastic. Jonathan Goldstein has a perfect dry radio voice. Here is a 9.6MB MP3 of Wiretap from Nov 6, 2004. Worth a listen – highly recommended.


15 thoughts on “Wiretap on CBC Radio

  1. It is an amazing idea and, as far as I can tell, not based on any other radio show unlike much of CBC programming’s copying of NPR, Radio Netherlands or the BBC. Introversion. The Great Eastern was another great example of an original and even more twisted concept.

  2. Great stuff! Sounds like what radio should be! Kind of Waiting for Guffman-esq “Down, down, bring it down” Your Podcasts are great as well. It’s cool that the indie Podcasters are starting to make an impact. From an American podcaster to a Canadian Podcaster… can I stay in your garage? My country’s crazy.

  3. Hi folks. Found this site while doing a search for “wiretap.”

    I have to tell you guys, if you enjoy wiretap, you must definitely listen to what I’m sure was his inspiration… Joe Frank at http://www.joefrank.com. Don’t be turned off by the subscription, goto SHOWS and sign up with the free “samples, extras, some full shows” for a taste of his huge volume of work.

    Mind you, I must say that I have not heard wiretap yet, since I’m nowhere near where it’s being broadcast, and I keep forgetting to get online to hear it. However, from the description of “eavesdropping… phone conversations… ambient music,” that sounds similar to Joe Frank.

    Well, take a listen, it’s trully is very compelling.


  4. I am a frequent listener to this american life and so i have heard quite a bit of jonathan g. I also read his novel. I have never heard him do something like this. its great. where is the wiretap website to get more?

  5. Where did this file come from? Where can I get more? I know they webcast live, but is there a webcast anywhere?

  6. This is gold…….pure gold
    Jonathan Goldstein I hope you podcast this somewhere (haven’t found it yet)please post archives, anyone!

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