Mozilla Foundation Looking for Quality Design Help

The Mozilla team is looking for some help with some design work. The work would involve a variety of design tasks for the web and for print. For example, banner ads, small HTML page designs, print ad layout/design, etc.

What we’d like to do is assemble a loose team of people to whom we can throw out a quick piece of work and have someone who’s able speak-up and take on each piece of work.

Here are some of the conditions:

  • It’s all volunteer – no cash, sorry.
  • Be prepared to work within an existing defined (if still evolving) visual style – we’re not looking for people to put their personal stamp on any given piece of work.
  • Accept direction and vetoes – you will be given direction and iterations may be required.
  • Timelines are tight and notice is short.
  • We’re looking for experienced designers with demonstrated abilities.

If that doesn’t sound too terrible and you are an experienced designer, please send a brief introduction, overview of your interest, information on your availability, and a selection of portfolio URLs to: blake at cs dot stanford
dot edu
and bart at decrem dot com.

We’ll be choosing a small team from those interested to help us out. Thanks!


18 thoughts on “Mozilla Foundation Looking for Quality Design Help

  1. I think Steve want’s one of your jobs.

    Seriously, I wish I was qualified to help.

  2. I would like to put in my ap to apply for a seat on the team, while I do not have any online material right now, i will get some stuff up asap. Im currently in the middle of about four projects and the first i finish i will get up for viewing pleasure.

  3. me interesa saber mas acerca del el tipo de trabajo que ofrecen y como les podre enviar mi carpeta de trabajo,etc.
    soy diseñaora grafica

  4. waht a f@#~@#~~ is this?
    the best designer and no money…
    please if you are a great stupid accept this offer.

  5. Clearly the above is the product of a genius. Use of ‘waht’ alone is a compelling reason to bestow this title.

  6. Teniendo en cuenta la oferta y las condiciones, ustedes necesitan gente que además:
    ? Reciba latigazos sin quejarse
    ? palos en las encias en lo posible sin sangrar
    ? astillas calientes de bambú entre las uñas
    ? y amplia disponibilidad horaria

    masoquistas abstenerse…

  7. Entonces me mate toda una vida en aprender, estudiar, trabajar y que vale esto para ustedes? Hombre… respeten al menos, que a caballo regalado no se le mira el …….

  8. I am a highly motivated experienced professional freelance graphics designer.
    portfolio sent to blake at cs dot stanford dot edu and bart at decrem dot com.
    Thank you in advance Jamey Bojé

  9. i am in 2nd year computer engineer from mumbai university. i have the knowledge of core java,”c” & “c++”.

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