Behind the Scene(s) at Acts of Volition Radio

Radio Setup Photo
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A kindly office-mate commented that with the twelfth session of Acts of Volition Radio, it has crossed the threshold of novelty. It is now all about the music and commentary, not so self-conscious about being a new medium. Perhaps like when webloggers stop talking about weblogs and just start talking to each other. Nice.

Here then, keeping the novelty alive, is not so much a behind-the-scenes look as a photo of my kitchen table where I sometimes record Acts of Volition Radio. Also, here is what an almost-finished session looks like in my audio editing program.

For an actually behind-the-scenes kind of look, see the Acts of Volition Radio Frequently Asked Questions.


8 thoughts on “Behind the Scene(s) at Acts of Volition Radio

  1. Edward Tufte, excellent design choice! I started reading those books because of post over at Delta Tango Bravo — one of your co-workers, I believe.

    One small detail needs to be addressed: Unless this is a color/colour thing, kitchen is misspelled. Stateside we spell it with a “t”.

    I’m glad to see you’re still posting here. For awhile, I thought you were going to sell off all your belongings and quit. Engagement will do that to a guy. 🙂

  2. I looks like a bowl or dish with some odds and ends in it including two packages of Excel gum.I could be mistaken though.

  3. It is indeed a dish (from the same Aunt that got me the table-cloth) with some Excel gum, a Sharpee marker, and a few dollars in change in it.

  4. If you listen to an AAV radio session VERY closely, in a quiet room, late at night, with the lights out, I think you can hear the table cloth.

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