Luna Blue Theme (v0.2) for Mozilla Thunderbird Update

Update: Luna Blue Theme (v0.3) for Mozilla Thunderbird is now available.

I’ve prepared an update for the Luna Blue theme for Mozilla Thunderbird. This update will work with (and only with) the latest Thunderbird 0.4 release. If you haven’t updated to 0.4 yet, it’s worth it.

Zip Icon Download/Install Luna Blue (v0.2) for Mozilla Thunderbird 0.4

lunabluethunderbird_0_2.jar – 637Kb RAR File

Here are the changes and updates to the theme:

  • Added small toolbar icons to primary toolbar and compose toolbar
  • Fixed visual glitch with double shadow on status bar
  • Added contact list icon
  • Cleaned up some old icons that were no longer used
  • Lightened disabled toolbar icons (to 80% opacity)
  • New window layout icons in the General Options window
  • Minor updates to some of the box styles and borders in the main mail window (tree view, mail pane, and preview pane) [Note: this isn’t finished and has a few rough edged – however, I wanted to get a working release out for 0.4 ASAP]
  • New throbber – dropped the Windows logo throbber, which we should probably never have used, and added a new throbber based on Garrett LeSage’s excellent BlueCurve theme from Fedora linux (which is now my primary operating system).
  • Some new IMAP, Newsgroup icons, and secure icons that were missed in the first release (a few are still missing)
  • Cleaned up group headers in address book details
  • New Copy, Cut, and Paste icons in Message Compose toolbar
  • Update for new separate attachment inditactor in inbox pane (nice new touch in 0.4)
  • Icon for new Mark toolbar button

I’m not planning on going too much farthur with this theme as I’m more interested in working on refining the default theme rather than a niche (however large) theme.


15 thoughts on “Luna Blue Theme (v0.2) for Mozilla Thunderbird Update

  1. Hi… I downloaded your theme for TB tonight (0.5a for OSX) and I think it’s great!

    Two things: In the address book there seems to be a bug with the delete button. Instead of the delete button there’s a collection of all the buttons.

    The other thing is more a request. Anyway to add to the icons next to each e-mail in the inbox so that when you reply or forward an appropriate arrow shows up on the envelope icon?

    Thanks for the great theme!

  2. phil – thanks, both issues are bugs. I’ll try to get them fixed right away. I’ll update the post when I have them fixed.

  3. Further, farthur – whatevur.

    I’ve fixed the following bugs, and the updated file/link above;

    • Special icons for forwarded and replied mail weren’t working (fixed).
    • Address Book “Delete” toolbar button was broken (fixed).
    • Throbber was not displaying (fixed)
  4. “I’m not planning on going too much furthur with this theme”

    Does this mean no theme for Thunderbird 1.0? If not, then I’d be really disappointed as this is a great theme!

  5. On a related note… I have a shiny new install of Mandrake GNU/Linux 9.2 on my box, and have installed Thunderbird on it. Actually, there was no install, just un-tar.bz2 it , drop it in a safe directory and add a launcher. It works very well.

  6. Small glitch in theme: on compose the “to” section has the default windows color instead of the luna color.


  7. IMHO, I think *someone* should keep up development of this theme or something similar. It’s important for people switching from Outlook/Outlook Express to have a familar look and feel during the intial switch. I’ve switched over three people this way and then let them “discover” that they can have any theme they want. All responded with “Cool…!” 🙂

  8. “I’m not planning on going too much farthur with this theme as I’m more interested in working on refining the default theme rather than a niche (however large) theme.”

    “Niche theme”? My gosh, Steven, that’s like calling the Grand Canyon a “niche”.

    Yesterday I downloaded the new Firefox-0.9 release, and the default theme is a horror… so are the other 14 themes available from Mozilla for it — childish and/or cutsey/circusy icons/color-schemes.

    Ahh, the purity of the IE/Outlook (WinXP-blue) look-and-feel!

    I never use Outlook, and rarely use IE (dammit, some sites just won’t work… yet… with Firefox/Mozilla), but the GUI is nice.

  9. Shalom, Steven!

    Well, they’ve gone and done it — Thunderbird-0.7 has been released. I just downloaded-and-installed it and, sure enough, your Luna Blue theme for Thunderbird (lunabluethunderbird_0_2.jar) doesn’t work with it.

    Oh, it seems to install — no crashing or error message(s) — but, like its sibling theme for Firefox (luna-blue_0.3.3a.jar, by Chris Cook), it just won’t appear on the theme list, following that “install”.

    I know you wrote last December that you weren’t planning to take this theme much further… a “niche theme”, you called it. Nevertheless, would you consider allowing your definition of “much further” to include this new Thunderbird-0.7 release?

    I wrote Chris Cook yesterday about the same problem with his theme, vis-a-vis the new Firefox-0.9 release, and he replied that he’s working on it. Won’t you please do the same?

    I know that I speak for a large group of self-confessed “niche theme” users, when I say that your Luna Blue theme for Thunderbird is perhaps the single most important theme available — and will continue to be so for a long, long time. As has been written/said many times before, your and Chris’s Luna Blue themes, giving the Outlook and IE look-and-feel to these two great Open Source products, are what make it possible for so many “underpriviliged” users to wean themselves from Micro$oft products and make the transition (at the desktop level) to Linux, while remaining as close to 100% productivity as possible.

    Thank you, in advance, for at least considering this request.

    All the best!

  10. I am an OSX user of Thunderbird, and I too wish to include my voice in the call for an updated version of Luna Blue. It is one of my favorite TB themes…

  11. Great theme. I was using it until is stopped working with 0.7. I’d love to see a 0.7 version and I’d love even better if if could use native widgets a la Chris Cook’s Luna (not Luna Blue) theme. Thanks.

    P.S. I’d also love to see a Thunderbird Winstripe theme. =)

  12. I would like to add my voice to the call for the maintinence of a luna theme for thunderbird.

    I have been able to introduce thunderbird to countless people because of the luna theme. It has allowed me to facilitate a relatively transparent move for users from a vulnerable OE to the safer and better thunderbird.

    It would be a shame if this theme were to fade away.

  13. Is there any work going on for a 0.7 version of the lune theme? Or is anything planned? I think the luna theme is a must-have. I use it for firefox and it’s not good if both currently do not look the same 🙁 GUIs should fit with the OS/window mananger anyway.

    Does anyone know what is required to do to get it work with new thunderbird releases?

  14. I have reciently worked on moving the Luna Blue theme up to Thunderbird 0.7 it appears that the incompatibility stems from a new install.rdf file that is required. If anyone has made a thunderbird theme or knows of any site that will have a good TB 0.7+ theme howto on it, I would work on getting the updated.

    If you wish to try the theme out or help you can go to my site.

    I saw some info for install.rdf at mozilla ( anyone want to try figuring out the requirements?

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