Hurricane Juan Photos

My Sister’s BarnPhotos of Hurricane Juan from last night here in Charlottetown:

I’ll update this post if I find more.

Update: The list at is more up-to-date than mine.


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  1. I never thought I’d be happy to live in Summerside. To think I was only an hour away from such destructive weather.

  2. Great Photos from everyone! Everyone at work has been viewing them all day. Thanks to those who were out and took these photos!

  3. The link from Halifax I received from a friend – I just emailed her to ask who took them, when I find out I will post it. Also I had taken a few samples of the photos from the sites posted and emailed them around to friends…posting the link here for people to come browse the sites Steven had listed. Anyway as things get passed around someone from the Emergency Measures Organization saw them- here is the note I received, I called the phone number provided and sent them on to this site to track them down.

    >I thought they were great and forwarded them on to Emergency Measures
    >Organization. they are looking for the photographer who did these so
    >that they might be used on the National Web Site for the Federal
    >Government can you help me out in the trace of these pictures?

    If any of you with the websites would like to see which pictures I passed around to claim your own photographs maybe Steve can help us out with posting them, or I can email them to you.

  4. I loved your slide show, Shelagh, you covered more aspects of the aftermath of the hurricane than any others I’ve viewed!

    I’ll be sending your link to all my friends downunder”.


  5. Here in Halifax they opened part of Point Pleasant Park to the public for the first time since the storm yesterday. The word is that about 70% of the trees in the park came down. I found this site with some amazing pictures taken yesterday. They also have some good pre and post storm pictures of various sections of Halifax. Site is a bit slow right now with so many viewing the pictures.

  6. Being a Maritimer,I was entranced by the pictures of the storm. I also have my best friend of 45 years living there and was very worried about her as she lives on the fourteenth floor of a highrise and I couldn’t reach her at the time to see if she was alright.Thought I would like to peruse the pictures again because they made such an impression on me.

  7. Please send me some pictures of Hurricane Juan that you have from Truro,Nova Scotia. I would like to see them not Halifax. The flooding mess.

  8. Hello, My brother is doing a report on the top 10 hurricanes in Louisiana and we are having some trouble getting good pictures and information on each individual hurricane. I was wondering if you could help us by refering us to a site or something. It would be greatly appreciated if you could give us some guidance.

    Thanks a bunch, Melissa.

  9. hey. i am doing a project on hurricane juan and i just wanted to say thanks for helping us all out…..these pictures are fun…yay fun…accept that they are very sad and such because of all the suffering everyone went through…oh, and i wish i was a newfey…yay for newfeys…farewell friend!!!< *waves vigorously*>
    ~ally…hamilton, ontario

  10. Hi my name is Jonathan MacIntyre. I have to create a website for my internet technology couse at Mount Saint Vincent University. I want to do the website and hurricane Juan. Does anyone have information and pictures they can give me access too because I am not allowed to take anything that i don’t have copyright for. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  11. ok…WHY ARE YOU POSTING PICTURES FROM PEI WHEN IT BARELY EVEN HIT PEI! it was just a tropical storm hitting PEI. The damage caused in PEi compared to the damage in nova scotia is so minimal.

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