Standards Save the Day

Last year I was doing some painting with a paint roller. The arm of the roller broke and we were stuck with a half-painted wall on a Sunday afternoon (all the hardware stores were closed).

It occurred to me to see if the broom handle, which screws into the broom head, would also fit into the paint roller.

Perfect fit. I don’t know if this is an actually official standard of some kind, or it if was just done to save manufacturing costs for Handle Co. Either way, it saved the day.

There is a lesson here.


6 thoughts on “Standards Save the Day

  1. You don’t paint much, do you, Steve. They’ve been making them that was since at least 1977 when I have my first paying job.

  2. Now, rather than being snarky (apologies), the interesting thing is that there is no – I would think – joint task force on harmonizing paint roller and broom handle screw specification standards. So… how did it come about that they use the same turns per inch?

  3. You fail to mention section 3.1.2. Type B which allows for Tapered ended handles of 1-1/8″ diameter in either pine or hardwood. Given that the tolerance for deviation in the spec is ± 1/2, I guess there are standards and staandaards.

  4. Section 3.1 (diameter specs) and section 3.2 (length specs) specify different tolerences: ± 1/32″ and ± 1/2″, respectively.

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