New feature: Recently Referred Visitors

Based on Dean Allen’s Refer code, the new Recently Referred Visitors feature lists the last 50 visitors to Acts of Volition who have been recently referred to our site. The user’s domain/IP, the referring site/page/URL, and the destination page/URL are all displayed.

Warning, it can be addictive. At the height of my Mac-punditry-fame this past week, I couldn’t keep up with the referrals. There’s something spooky about seeing people visiting your site from and

Thanks to Mad Mike for setting it up and Deal Allen for releasing the original Refer code.

Meanwhile, in the land of our weblog engine, we answer some questions about selling it (sorta/kinda) and two new sites go up using the system: GenX at 40 and The Daily Commute. That’s in addition to and newrecruit. Look for more in the days and weeks to come.


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