Year-end and Christmas Stuff

Despite advice to the contrary, I hereby confess my weakness for Dave Barry humour. I even own one of his books (which lead to much confusion as it caused my father to laugh out loud while giving blood).

Despite the use of a poorly formatted bullet list, I did enjoy Dave Barry’s Year in Review.

From March:

… on the music front, the U.S. recording industry is buoyed by a report that 14-year-old Jason Plempitt of Knoxville, Tenn., went into a music store and actually purchased a CD, making him the first teenager in three years to pay money for a recording, rather than download it for free from the Internet. The humiliated youngster quickly informs his classmates that his computer is broken.

A pleasant Christmas has left me with some new stuff, including:


7 thoughts on “Year-end and Christmas Stuff

  1. I, too, received a stylish Silverorange hoodie; I wish I could wear it all the time, but alas there is this “laundry” process that is imposed upon me. Maybe I could just give it a quick Swiffer and continue my feel-good-hoodie-wearing streak.

  2. Has anyone noticed the smell of the silverorange hoodie? I am sure mine has been through the wash at least twice but there is still that new car smell. It is oddly citrusy…

  3. Update: The Swiffer does actually work and my house had a surprising amount of cruft in it. I didn’t try comparing the swiffer to a paper towel on a stick – I’ll have to wait for more cruft to build up first.

  4. Dave Barry is the modern king of clever witticisms. Don’t listen to what the “anti-davists” have to say.

    I want a Silverorange hoodie, so that I may feel like part of Charlottetown’s elite geekcore.

  5. The company “silverorange” doesn’t tend to have a capital “s”. Steven and the observing oranges are too polite to point this out.

    One might say they’re against capitalizing on their brand name. Zing!

    (ps. I have a slice-toque, and it keeps my ears warm)

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