it’s mooglicious!

They remind me of Lego spacemenTo my great wonderful joy, I was pointed in the direction of a cover band called The Moog Cookbook. These Space Rockers cover classic rock songs and some new (circa 1996) pop stuff.

They reduce Green Day’s “Basketcase” to slinky elevator muzak. Some other AOV favorites are Black Hole Sun and Hotel California (which I would like to add features the Popcorn lick at the end).

I totally dig this stuff, the Nirvana cover had me flailing my arms in an attempt to dance. This was only ever previously achieved by Joy Electric‘s Moogy* antics.Does anybody know of any other Moog rock like this?

* I like saying Moog. Moog.


12 thoughts on “it’s mooglicious!

  1. I have access to the “Switched on Bach albums” – 1974 records where classical hits were played badly on synths. I probably haven’t listened to them since the Clash’s first album.

  2. I nearly bought that… these CookBook characters are carrying on the tradition started (? I don’t know my history) by Switched on Bach. Another album was “Moog does Beatles” or something like that with a bunch of covers too.

  3. The records were so big in the early 70’s that the Walter/Wendy thing was actually in the news at the time.

  4. After years of saying “Moog” the way a cow might, I was saddened to read Salon’s article where they point out that “Moog” rhymes with “Vogue”.

  5. I was saying moooog and I was even in a band! Good lord – maybe that’s why they were all laughing.

  6. Can somebody tell me why it should be pronounced Mohg…If it is Moog, its Moooooog. I would punctuate this post properly if I wasnt using an Imac with a french setup.

  7. Mayor Quimby: Now, Mr. Larry White!
    Barry White: Actually, it’s Barry White. Mayor Quimby: Well, it says here ‘Larry.’ Barry White: I think I know my own name. Mayor Quimby: Yeah? Well, we’ll just see.
  8. hmmm… I used to have a great moog cookbook cover mp3 back in the day… can’t remember what it wasm though.

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