better late then never: The New Pornographers are good

Mass Romantic - good album cover
As is often the case, I have only now discovered something that was cool a year ago. In the music-journalist-speak the Canadian indie-rock Supergroup, The New Pornographers won a Juno for Best Alternative Album for their album Mass Romantic. Their name comes from a Jimmy Swaggart quote where he called music “the new pornography”.

I think maybe I should get some glossies done upThe band includes indie-queen Neko Case and Kurt Dahle of Age of Electric (best. band. ever.) and Limblifter and brother of Ryan Dahle, possibly Canada’s best rock guitarist (Bruce Cockburn is not a rock guitarist).

I heard the buzz about the band last year, but didn’t get around to checking them out. Then, this week, my hard-rocking-kidney-stone-passing friend, co-worker, and early technology adopter, iZak mentioned them as one of his favourite releases of the past few years. As he is a wise man in many respects, I took his advice, checked them out, and I can highly recommend The New Pornographers.


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  1. On a related note:

    Friends You Learn to Hate

    The Flashing Lights.

    Song of the year (so far). 100% guaranteed Canadian rock and roll. Solid.

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