is pop music like fine wine?

doot doot doot doot doot doot dootI was considering this the other evening. It’s easy and fun to jab at pop music and go on about how people only like it because the world seems to like it right now. I’m pretty sure I don’t enjoy what’s on the radio, but am I giving it a fair enough chance. I did like that (once) new Sky song.

I wonder this because one of my favorite tunes in the world is that lick from the pop sensation of the 1970ies, “Popcorn”. I wasn’t around in the 70ies, but my grade 1-3 gym teacher was, and she would make us do our silly elementary school gym exersizes with that blaring in on the PA back around 1987.

Now, that leads me to believe that pop music must have the same properties as wine, cheese, and fruitcake. It’s too sweet to be savoured and must be gobbled cheaply like a wad of supermarket cheddar or a cooler, but give it a few decades, and all of a sudden it’s refined to greatness and is well respected.

I wonder if i’d still like that lick if it had come out in 1995. I wonder if I will enjoy such tunes as “No Means No” and “The Thong Song” in 2010. If the internet still exists, I’ll get back to you.