tell us about your transcendent rock concert über-experience have had the good fortune of witnessing a handful of fine rock concerts. You never forget seeing a flaming log hurtled into the crowd at a Greenday concert, or Sloan and Thrush Hermit levelling the UPEI Barn on the One Chord to Another tour, or Billy Pumpkin and crew on their farewell tour.

Great concerts like these are often punctuated with even greater Rock & Roll moments. Moments in which you connect with the artist and the true meaning of the lyrics reveal themselves to you in a life changing epiphany. Or maybe, as with the flaming log at the Greenday concert, the epiphany is more social than artistic.

Regardless of the circumstances, these are special moments that tend to stay with you. For myself, a few such moments come to mind; Seeing Mike Knott smash his guitar after a solo acoustic performance in a church basement and a heart wrenching puppy-gets-hit-by-car-therefore-there-is-no-god story delivered semi-sarcastically by the lead signer of Sandbox (R.I.P.).

We are going to compile our own such experiences for an upcoming aov feature and we would like your help. Write up your transcendent rock über-experience in a manageable length (preferably not more than a few hundred words, but whatever it takes) and send it to for inclusion in the upcoming feature.