Jeeves, how do I bluntside the awning?

Damn You Tony Hawk!
The chain of events took place as follows:

  1. A co-worker gets a computer game, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 (warning, this links to a totally x-treme website – mountain dew big-slams recommended), for Christmas.
  2. He leaves it at the office.
  3. My life deteriorates into a blur of late nights full of kick-flips, 720’s, and ollie transfers.

A real low point in my addiction to the ridiculous game came when a few of my friends were sitting around complaining about our injuries from the playing the game (sore wrists, etc.). As soon as we realized what we were doing, the conversation came to an abrupt end.

This post was not meant to be about my pathetic addiction to a computer game, which appears to have been inevitable, but rather about a triumph of the Internet search technology.

One of the goals in the foolish game is to “Bluntside the Awning”. This meant as much to me as it does to you (nothing) and it was an important goal that I needed to complete in the game (I know, I know). Frustrated, confused, and all the while ashamed of myself, I went to and posed the simple but arcane query, “How do I bluntside the awning?”

The first result was my answer. Well done, Internet.


9 thoughts on “Jeeves, how do I bluntside the awning?

  1. Steve, you aren’t crazy.

    Not long ago I picked up a Dreamcast (they’re cheap now and they’re still great) and Tony Hawk 2. And, as a former morphine addict, I can say that Tony Hawk 2 is an addiction. Horribly difficult to only put 10 minutes into before work.

    I bluntsided the awning on my tenth attempt. Because I had trouble getting up to the awning as I hadn’t learned the advantages Bonelessing (which I often call ‘noselessing’ because I’m a poser and don’t know the lingo). Once I got up there, all I was doing was BS Feebles.

    I found that it was much harder to Drain the Fountain. That PDF was a kind offering, Steven, thanks!

  2. Interesting note:

    I’m a skateboarder, and I still try to skate at our skatepark every day. You wouldn’t believe the amount of non skateboarders that come out to watch and are dissapointed that I can’t 720 lein the tub run transfer.

    I guess it’s time to show em up, the Tony Hawk tour is hitting our park June 4th. I wonder if the non skateboarders will still be dissapointed.

  3. Addiction Update.

    Steve fell of the wagon about a weak ago, and now is obsessed with finishing everything in Tony Hawk 3. Add to that the imminent release of Tony 4, and I’m starting to get worried.

    Maybe bringing the gamecube into the office was a bad idea?

  4. A further addiction update: I have finished Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4. The acheivement left me with feelings of relief, disappointment, and shame.

  5. the sad part is as time progresses in the film you can see the food wrappers just building up around you…lol.

  6. the fucking bluntslide is easy as hell: press the “down” arrow two times, then the button for “grind” and that´s it!

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