was it all you wanted? are you satisfied? happy even?

How are you doing these days? I realize I don’t ask you how are are very often. This stems from a general lack of interest in your state of existence, but right now, at this moment, I am genuinely interested.

How was your Christmas? Really. Be honest. Did it live up to the two months of hype, songs, shopping and preperation? That’s probably an unfair question. Was it at least pleasant? Stress-free? Spent with loved ones?

I have to confess that I normally hate the Christmas season. The day itself is fine. Good even. I dislike the season for all the typical reasons: disgustingly rampant commercialism, soul-crushing music carols as well as other reasons which are none of your goddamn business.

In any case, this Christmas was better than most. As bizarre as it may sound I actually enjoyed my stay in the hospital – and not just for the morhpine, either. Always exciting to do something different I guess. Certainly nice to be waited on and have people concerned about you. Nice that is, when there’s no real need for the concern. Maybe I’m just starved for attention (as this note seems to confirm)?

I have no real point here. I know I’m hopelessly out of character – don’t worry, I’ll soon be back to the bitter, sarcastic self you all recognize.

Here’s hoping whatever you did over Christmas was, if not fun, at least nice. Memorable.