Beautiful Songs

A recent instance of the recurring Reddit thread, “What is the most beautiful song you’ve ever heard?” is full of so many beautiful songs, you could get lost in it for hours.

When you hear something special in a piece of music, you want to others to hear it and to know that you shared that experience (“Hey, you’re alive? Me too!”). I once heard Sarah McLachlan refer to this shared experience as ‘resonating souls’. It sounds cheesy, but it’s the best way I’ve heard it put into words.

Two songs that came to mind for me were:

Warning to those who watched the show Six Feet Under: you may end up hearing that song from the finale and having flashbacks. I even heard echoes of it (or rather, what it echoes from) in Philip Glass’ metamorphosis 2.


David Bazan on his music

David Bazan, (songwriter/musician of Pedro the Lion, Headphones, etc.) speaking on the podcast Conversations with Matt Dwyer:

“The vast majority of anybody who’s ever heard my music doesn’t want to hear it again.”

The entire interview is worth hearing. Come for the earnest discussion of music and spiritual crisis, stay for the humiliating pants-pooping-on-a-date story at the end.

Bazan’s band, Pedro the Lion, was featured in the inaugural episode of Acts of Volition Radio and again in Session 9 and Session 11.


Baby Rock

In this interview with Chris Murphy from Sloan, he was asked about song-writing themes as the band gets older. Chris says:

“I’m trying not to write songs about how much I hate getting up at 5:30 am with the baby. It’s so boring but that’s all I know these days.”

Chris, I would love to hear that song.


New Album from Sloan: The Double Cross

Sloan - The Double Cross album coverOn their 20th anniversary as a band, Sloan has release their best album in a while. The Double Cross arranges song order, bleeds one song into another, and calls back to hooks from other songs in the way that made their 1998 album, Navy Blues, so amazing.

Like all of their albums, The Double Cross can be streamed for free or purchased in digital form (even in FLAC, audio nerds) from their website.

There is also a great series of short interviews with the band about the new album, and with other artists about their love of Sloan over the last 20 years.