Remembrance Day 2015

I’m definitely emotionally vulnerable due to newborn-induced sleep deprivation, but this drawing that my five-year-old daughter brought home from school today actually made me cry:

Remembrance Day 2015 - Je me souviens, by Olivia, age 5


My calendar for the next week

These are all actual items on my calendar for the next week (mostly for my kids, as you’ll gather):

  • Teddy bear clinic
  • School pictures
  • Swimming lessons
  • Piano lessons
  • Step dancing lessons
  • School “Spookcatular”
  • Have a baby

I am truly living the dream.


The End is Nigh

“If @sgarrity doesn’t write a blog post in the next month he won’t have written for a year, and blogging will be over.”

— Peter Rukavina, via twitter


Are you awesome? Would you like to work with me? Every day? Silverorange, the web development company at which I enjoy spending most of my days, is considering hiring a designer / front-end developer.


Unfurl the Cusp for Victory!

Eco-friendly coffee contest


Swimming Desk

The standing desk craze has begun to spread through my workplace. There are even rumblings of treadmill desks (a step too far for me, thanks). This gave me an idea – I give you, the swimming desk:

Swimming Desk


From the creator of the GIF: “it’s pronounced JIF, not GIF.” Of course, I’ve known this all along. As with all debates, the important thing is that someone is wrong.


Local man previews Firefox OS

My friend and occasionally-quadrennial conference co-organizer, Peter Rukavia, is writing about his experience with a developer-preview Firefox OS phone.

His perspective is particularly interesting as it doesn’t come from inside the Firefox/Mozilla world. He’s just your average run-of-the-mill kind of alpha-geek that would pre-order a semi-functional developer preview device from Spain to try out an unproven operating system. Keep us posted, Peter.

If you’re wondering why Mozilla is working on building a mobile operating system, when the market is already maturing to two(ish) leaders, see former Mozillian, Asa Raskin’s article on why Mozilla is at its best when being a “fast second follower”.



How many footsteps does it take to get our lovely 4-year-old and 2-year-old into the car in the morning?

A lot of footsteps.


Stock Music Video

Great stock-footage inspired music video: