i’m afraid of americans.

Isn’t it odd how some Canadians get more involved and excited in the American elections than they do in their own? Some sort of political penis envy, no doubt.

Speaking of Americans and phallic imagery, check out www.ProtectAmericansNow.com. Propagandist ads and a zipcode specific report of how vulnerable you may be to missile attack: interactive and fun! Building a missile defense system to start up a new arms race – the very pinacle of safety itself! Not that the United States has any legitimacy in this area to begin with as it can’t even overcome partisan politics to approve a nuclear test ban treaty.

Hope the wind isn’t blowing northwards when the bombs start to drop.


If I were an American I would vote for you Ralph.

“If you do not turn on to politics, politics will turn on you.” – Ralph Nader

Ralph Nader can give a rousing speech after all. While I do find he sounds more like a politician in this clip than ever before, I think he has earned it. However, with 12,000 cheering supporters in Fleet Center in Boston I fear this may well have been the climax of his campaign.

Watch him speak at the rally in Portland and be moved. (RealVideo)


farewell to wendel.

It has been brought to my attention that my online persona needs some work. Apparently I am not sufficiently sensitive or compasionate and come across as a sarcastic, and inconsiderate jerk who taunts his readers while continually bitching about the world and occasionally hitting on attractive Olympic atheletes.

Let in be known that I too have feelings. Why, just this evenings I almost cried watching the standing ovation received by the now retired Wendel Clark. There were tears in my eyes. Honest. Swear to God.

See, I can admit to an actual emotion without being ironic or sarcastic.


truth in advertising

Truth in Advertising (requires QuickTime)

I think I may have actually been to that meeting.

Thanks to 37signals for the link.


world sucks even more than previously thought

Not only was Ralph Nader denied the opportunity to participate in the debate, they didn’t even let him sit in the audience.

Holy shit.

If the fact that the debate was boring as hell isn’t enough, I recommend you read Why voters will lose out in Tuesday’s debate by Ralph himself.


I have KID A and you do not.

radiohead - kid a
Read the title a couple more times. You are so jealous. In related news, Radiohead will be appearing in Canada. I will not tell you where or when, or how to get tickets, until I have tickets safetly within my greedy little fingers.


re: apple legitimizes amazon patent tomfoolery

re: apple legitimizes amazon patent tomfoolery

Barnes & Noble is challenging the Amazon 1-Click Shopping patent.

Let’s see if the justice system works.


Ralph Nader and coliform bacteria

I missed Ralph Nader‘s rally in Porland, Maine by one day. Now I’m back home living under a boil-order.

While in Maine, I was encouraged to see home-made Vote Nader signs among the glossy Gore/Lieberman/Bush/Cheney signs.

Gore/Lieberman bumper stickers seemed to be the choice of discerning Cadillac drivers throughout the state.


Pierre Trudeau 1921-2000.

Pierre Trudeau, former Prime Minister of Canada, has died at age 80. Somehow, the Americans think his story is all about them.


I did not know beef stew could be this good.

I just ate what may have been the finest meal of my life (which may not say a lot, but it’s the greatest compliment I have at my disposal).

If you are ever in Portland, Maine be sure and check out Katahdin Restaurant on High Street. I alse recommend the mountain by the same name (I don’t climb many mountains, so I have to take every opportunity to bring it up).