that’s my brother!


My brother Tim is working for CUSU in Paupa New Guinea (can’t believe there is a .com). His emails tell of active volcanos and fresh fruit growing in his back yard.

He’s a lot more personable from the other side of the world.


re: milleniyumyum

re: milleniyumyum

matt has clearly missed the point of my “milleniyumyum” post.

allow me to explain: I was cleverly disguising my inability to spell the word millennium correctly (thanks Word) by poking fun at the many unfortunate misspellings we have endured during this millennial transition (thanks again Word). Also, it was inevitably influenced by an advertisement I had seen somewhere this year that used the term ‘millenni-yum-yum’.

however, as a someone who respects the principles of our pseudo-democracy (is there a word people like that?), I will submit to the winning punishment as voted by you, the people.


cast your ballots. change the world.

As you may have noticed, the normally responsible Steven has committed a severe affront to the English language and to thinking people everywhere. In his ‘commercial WIRED musings’ post, Steven made reference to the ‘milleniyumyum’. Is he responsible for this act, or was his brain inadvertently and momentarily transformed into mashed turnip? We cannot say, but nonetheless we must act.

Please send all votes for method of punishment to The polls will remain open until Nov. 7th. Vote early, and vote often.


goodbye superfunk

it’s a sad day for blogdom.

goodbye we will miss boxlor and your picnic table art and your funny shorts (which I’m sure I made in Home Ec.)

we wish you a high winning bid on ebay.


commercial WIRED musings

WIRED stats

Some interesting (or at least I thought so) stats from the latest issue of WIRED Magazine. Of the total 366 pages, a little over half, 200 are advertisments. Of the remaining 166 pages of ‘editorial’ content, 16 are basically unpaid ads for the products the cover.

I haven’t compared these numbers to other magazines, and I’m not really complaining (no one forced me to buy it), but it seems that WIRED is the Christmas Wish Book of the new milllenniyumyum.

About 50 of those editorial pages are dedicated to a fine history of the U.S. vs. Microsoft case which I would recommend reading (I’d like to it if it existed online – sigh).


Napster post 1 of 2: The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

Charge a service fee for using a service? What?! Have someone making money from the Internet without absurdly inflated stock sales? No way! I want everything for free!

If Napster charges a service fee who knows what could be next? We’ll have to pay “grocery stores” to buy our food from them instead of direct from the farmers. “Bookstores” will appear, and we’ll no longer buy directly from authors. Why, the government may even institute a goods and services tax! Soon, we’ll have an entire “service industry”!

What will happen? How can we possibly afford to pay for the things we want? Our society will crumble into anarchy, and mobs will rule the streets! To the hills, I say, to the hills. You can live off the land, commune with nature, learn to love your fellow man, and never, ever have to pay a service fee.


I’m am a guilt free high roller

Here is a sample of the thoughts of a typical person entering a casino:

“Even though I know that the vast majority of people who go to casinos obviously lose money, otherwise they would close, I am smarter than everyone else and will somehow manage to gain financially.”

I, on the other hand, actually am smarter than everybody else. On my last trip to Halifax, I went in with $10 and came out with $16.50. Hello free Combo #4 at Wendy’s! What’s that? Biggie size it? Why not! It’s free!

Bottom line is: Casinos are sad.


napster schmapster

CEO Hank Barry said Tuesday that the 38 million Napster users will soon have to pay “monthly dues” of, perhaps, $4.95 to access each other’s hard drives; it is the result of a deal Napster reached with one of five record companies suing it for copyright infringement.

Now they want to charge us to access eachothers hard drives? Thank you for the offer, records execs.

Speaking of execs, check out the encouraging photos of the geniuses planning the future of telecommunications in Atlantic Canada. Ask your kids about the “Internet” boys.


more blips

more radiohead blips. bigger radiohead blips.


green party candidate seeking to win election through mind control.

Ralph Nader
Green Party presidential candidate Ralph Nader is apparently unsatisfied with simply being the most intelligent candidate running. Reports suggest that Nader has sold his soul to the devil* in exchange for the power to control the very minds of men. Be afraid, be very afraid.

* Some observers contend that said soul was in fact sold to Coca-Cola in exchange for the magical powers.