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green party candidate seeking to win election through mind control.

Ralph Nader
Green Party presidential candidate Ralph Nader is apparently unsatisfied with simply being the most intelligent candidate running. Reports suggest that Nader has sold his soul to the devil* in exchange for the power to control the very minds of men. Be afraid, be very afraid.

* Some observers contend that said soul was in fact sold to Coca-Cola in exchange for the magical powers.


I can’t wait. I can’t wait. I can’t wait. Ok, I can wait.

2004 is going to be an exciting year. Why, you ask? In 2004 Hurricane Matthew will be wreaking havoc on the world. Apparently, hurricane names are decided several years in advance, and 2004 is the year Matthew takes out the trash! Sadly, hurricane steve/rob will not be appearing until at least 2005.


a life lesson from Joshua Davis at

This used to link to a cool litte flash app by Joshua Davis, but linkrot ate it.

click on the + and on the left side to learn about life

if you don’t see anything, it’s because you don’t have flash. i don’t expect you to download it just for me. you’re not missing too much.


welcome back rob.

we missed you.



I really wish that I had something explosively brilliant to say right now, but the fact is that all I really have found is a tasty old laptop with 56k modem and some kind folks to hook me up with the bare essential software (and dialup connection). ICQ is funny, I don’t think it’s going /quite/ right yet, and i think my Visor ate my email and it’s sitting at work, i didn’t get it here.

BUT I am thankful for that, (thanks!) and i’ll let the world know when i see something worth posting.

Good day.


more Radiohead.

For more Radiohead stuff, check out You can read the excellent article on Radiohead which appeared in this month’s issue of Spin, read correspondence between Thom and the interviewer which didn’t make the article, and check out a blip exclusive to Spin. I’m sure there is other stuff too.

I have now whored myself out to mainstream media. You see what you people make me do?


b l i p s   b l i p s   b l i p s   b l i p s   b l i p s   b l i p s

These may be old news to radiohead fans, but in case you haven’t seen these yet, I encourage you to watch these blips.

They are sort of videos, sort of advertisements, but confusing enough not to get played as either.

They are all good, but I especially like Geese and Yeti. [you’ll need quicktime]


thank you for never faxing me again

What follows is my fax response to automated junk-faxes (and I do realize the irony of the ‘save a tree’ comment).

save a tree.

To the junk-faxer: I hope you get toner all over your hands and your favourite shirt when you have to replace it.

If you hate junk faxes too download the file (PDF) and fight back by being annoying.


“Lexmark to cut 900 jobs, find cheaper labor abroad”

From Cnet’s

Lexmark to cut 900 jobs, find cheaper labor abroad
Lexmark International, the second-biggest maker of inkjet and laser printers, will cut 900 jobs and move some manufacturing to Mexico and China to reduce costs.

The announcement sent the company’s stock up Monday. At midday, Lexmark shares were up $4.50, or 15 percent, to $34.

This could be straight from The Onion. Move the jobs to areas with less regulation and labour laws and the stock shoots up.

Couldn’t they at least try to be a little more inconspicuous? I shudder.

Sadly, shifting your employees to a lesser regulated country is fairly inconspicuous. If Lexmark really wanted to see it’s share price skyrocket, it would have simply cut the staff and not re-hired.