My calendar for the next week

These are all actual items on my calendar for the next week (mostly for my kids, as you’ll gather):

  • Teddy bear clinic
  • School pictures
  • Swimming lessons
  • Piano lessons
  • Step dancing lessons
  • School “Spookcatular”
  • Have a baby

I am truly living the dream.


Local man previews Firefox OS

My friend and occasionally-quadrennial conference co-organizer, Peter Rukavia, is writing about his experience with a developer-preview Firefox OS phone.

His perspective is particularly interesting as it doesn’t come from inside the Firefox/Mozilla world. He’s just your average run-of-the-mill kind of alpha-geek that would pre-order a semi-functional developer preview device from Spain to try out an unproven operating system. Keep us posted, Peter.

If you’re wondering why Mozilla is working on building a mobile operating system, when the market is already maturing to two(ish) leaders, see former Mozillian, Asa Raskin’s article on why Mozilla is at its best when being a “fast second follower”.