The Zen Microwave

Here’s a free invention idea for you (in that I have a stupid idea and will not do anything with it): The Zen Microwave.

The Zen Microwave only has one control: an on/off switch. Once you’ve started it, you have to remember to turn it off or your left-overs will turn into exploding spaghetti-charcoal.

If you want to heat up your lunch, it can go one of two ways:

  1. Put your lunch in the microwave and turn it on (remember, there’s no timer)
  2. Stand there for two minutes, focused and present
  3. Turn the microwave off and enjoy your hot lunch


  1. Put your lunch in the microwave and turn it on
  2. Wander around the kitchen, get a glass of water, check in on your online click-farm business on your phone, thumb through the Home Hampers & Hobbits flyer
  3. Smell burning and notice that your lunch has been super-heated for 10 minutes

Is it dangerous? Yes – but how else are you ever going to learn?


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