Introducing Neon – a way to Quickly review stuff and share with your friends

Over at silverorange, we’ve been working on a new product called Neon.The goal is to see if we can create compelling reviews with limited input (often from a phone). Our current take on this boils a review down to a few basic elements of a review:

  1. Title (what are you reviewing)
  2. Photo
  3. Pros & Cons
  4. A rating from 0 to 10
  5. An emoji to represent how you feel about it

You can also optionally add a longer description, a link to where you can buy it, and the price you paid.

For example, here’s a cutting and insightful review I wrote about a mouse pad.

Neon is in a closed alpha right now, which means that anyone can read the reviews, but to create reviews, you need to be invited to try it out. If you’re interested in trying out the alpha, or being notified when it is opened up to a larger audience, you an leave your email at


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