I hate deals

One of my favourite tech-writers, Paul Miller from The Verge, has articulated something I’ve always felt, but have never been able to express well: I hate deals.

From Why I’m a Prime Day Grinch: I hate deals by Paul Miller:

Deals aren’t about you. They’re about improving profits for the store, and the businesses who distribute products through that store. Amazon’s Prime Day isn’t about giving back to the community. It’s about unloading stale inventory and making a killing.

But what about when you decide you really do want / need something, and it just happens to be on sale? Well, lucky you. I guess I’ve grown too bitter and skeptical. I just assume automatically that if something’s on sale AND I want to buy it, I must’ve messed up in my decision making process somewhere along the way.

I also hate parties and fun.


One thought on “I hate deals

  1. “This deal won’t last.” = “We don’t want you to think it over, because then you won’t buy.”

    I’ve seen things “on sale” that were cheaper in another store where they were not on sale.

    If it’s that much hassle to buy certain things without getting cheated, then don’t buy them, or buy them less often. That’s why I keep the same car for at least 10 years.

    The supermarket down the street cheapen the ingredients in its once great pumpkin pie. Since then, I’ve lost weight and look much better.

    Life is too short to waste time shopping.

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