Recommended Reading: Trajectory Book 1 and 2 by Robert Campbell

Years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Deb Richardson and Rob Campbell, a couple who were both working at Mozilla at the time. They came to our Zap Your PRAM conference in Dalvay back in 2008.

Rob was working on the Firefox dev tools, which had begun to lag behind Chrome, and have since become great again.

Trajectory by Rob Campbell

Then last year, I saw that Rob was self-publishing a science-fiction novel. This interested me as several of the books I’ve enjoyed recently are in the genre (Seveneves by Neal Stephenson, Kim Stanley Robinson’s Aurora, and my all-time favourite, the Mars trilogy). However, I was concerned. What if someone you know invites you to their comedy night and just isn’t funny? Fortunately, this wasn’t the case with Rob.

Rob’s book, Trajectory Book 1 was great. Easy to read, interesting, and nerdy in the right ways. My only complaint was that it ended abruptly. The solution to this, obviously, is Book 2, which came out yesterday.

If you have any interest in science fiction, I can gladly recommend Rob Campbell’s Trajectory Book 1 (and I’m looking forward to starting Trajectory Book 2).


One thought on “Recommended Reading: Trajectory Book 1 and 2 by Robert Campbell

  1. Hey Steven,

    Thanks so much for the post! I do indeed know that icky feeling of reading something by someone you know. It can be cringey, so I’m happy you got through that first, uncomfortable awkwardness.

    Hope you like Book 2!


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