My Father and My Laptop, in Kenya

My father is good at many things, but sitting still is not one of them. His current adventure has him helping out at a school/orphanage in Meru, Kenya. He has been posting updates from Kenya on his eponymous blog.

It has been fascinating to read his updates, despite the lack of a working Z key on his laptop (though it does have other working punctuation keys, Dad). That laptop has had an interesting life of its own – it’s a ThinkPad T60p that I bought from Kevin Rose in 2006. It was my primary laptop for four years, until it ended up as a hand-me-down in the family. Now it is in an orphanage in Kenya helping my father keep in touch with family and friends back in Canada. The laptop will probably stay there with the kids after he returns home next month.

The local CBC Radio morning show aired an interview my father from Kenya this morning:


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