A Brief Guide to American Highway Fast Food

My friend and scotch-enthusiast, Ian Wiliams, has written a brief guide to American road-side fast-food for his fancy wife. Here are some highlights:

On Taco Bell:

“With a enough Medium™ sauce, pretty much everything remains vaguely interesting, even if the aftermath – especially in a closed car – can be somewhat Vesuvial.”

On Wendy’s (read the post for the footnote):

“[t]he quality control of this place has plummeted since owner Dave Thomas wriggled free of his mortal coil. Serves him right for shooting those kids at Kent State, huh?*”

On Subway:

“[i]t has always amazed me that Subway manages to make roast beef and lettuce taste exactly the same.”

On Burger King:

“[y]ou could stop at Burger King, but it better be an emergency.”

On Hardee’s:

“I have been starving, and not stopped at Hardee’s.”

It takes a special talent to make a Taco Bell / diarrhea joke actually funny. Extra points for using the term “Vesuvial”, which is even funnier when you read the definition.


6 thoughts on “A Brief Guide to American Highway Fast Food

  1. Yes somehow Mc Donalds is missing there. I remember beeing in the US and testing all this Place. Agree with of the things, especially with the one about Burger King. Greetings from the Parfum Fans

    Ps. Not tested Taco Bell so far, gone try this soon too

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