Unintended Night Lights

The following things in my house have some kind of light on all the time whether they are in use or not:

  1. Microwave
  2. Camera battery charger
  3. Laptop
  4. Phone
  5. Cell phone
  6. Baby monitor (transmitter and receiver)
  7. Smoke detector (x3)
  8. Alarm clock
  9. Cable modem
  10. Wireless router
  11. Coffee Maker!?

There is also a street light about twenty feet from my front step.


3 thoughts on “Unintended Night Lights

  1. I had to blacken out the green light on my Apple airport express to get our bedroom dark at night. Also – my old powerbook has a fun heartbeat glow when it is asleep, but it really lights up a dark bedroom, ironically making it harder for others to sleep.

  2. What about your cell phone charger? My cellphone charger (blackberry) has a small light on it. I try to unplug it when I am not charging my phone, but sometimes I forget.

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