Office Survival Tip #1

The first in a series of (possibly only one) office survival tip(s).

You’re in the office. Coffee has been made. You have a clean mug (a topic for a future tip). You have sugar. You don’t have a clean spoon to stir in the sugar.

  1. Place the desired amount of sugar (or carcinogenic sugar substitute) in the empty mug.
  2. Poor a few teaspoons of coffee into the mug.
  3. Swoosh the mug around in a circular motion, creating a rich coffee/sugar slurry.
  4. Poor in the rest of your coffee.

Now, enjoy a cup of coffee with relatively evenly distributed sugar without having resorted to stirring with a pen.


12 thoughts on “Office Survival Tip #1

  1. Nothing wrong with using a pen as a coffee stir stick – just remember, pen point up, not in the coffee.

  2. Would the past-tense then be “ClusterShat”?

    Reminds me of election-night coverage on CBC TV. I kept waiting for Susan Ormiston to say “Twat” during her Twitter coverage.

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