Twitter to the Editor

While recently ranting about the office in my usual manner, I conceived of a scheme to write a series of one-phrase letters to the editor of our local paper. The purpose was vague, but the results would be hilarious. If only I had the attention span top follow through on such schemes.

Twitter to the Editor A friend and co-worker took the idea a step further. Why compose a complete and coherent “Letter to the Editor” 140 thoughtless characters will do the trick? He termed it “Twitter to the Editor”.

Somehow, despite not having the attention span to compose an email, we built a website for the idea. Thus,

Just send a Twitter or message starting with @ttte and in a few minutes, it will be collected on our stately one-page website.

Don’t think too hard about it. Here’s a few Twitters’ to the Editor that we’ve started off with:

  • @ttte it feels like fall today – global warming is obviously a lie.
  • @ttte tim hortons gave me half a coffee with too much sugar.
  • @ttte Potholes are bad!
  • @ttte Stamps taste gross.
  • @ttte Kids these days are too loud.

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