On Turning Thirty

The graph below illustrates a change in my enjoyment of the MuchMusic TV channel and CBC Radio over the past 15 years.

Chart of Enjoyment of MuchMusic vs. CBC Radio

Note that there was a brief period around the age of 21 where I enjoyed both media outlets equally. Also, I think this chart would still hold true if the Y-axis indicated the frequency of Jian Ghomeshi appearances.


3 thoughts on “On Turning Thirty

  1. You could add highlight points to this graph noting dates that MuchMusic personalities who moved to CBC. I think they would roughly coincide with your shift in viewing.

  2. Nice!

    Shift the MM slope to the left a bit, and drop it off a bit sharper and you’ve got my changing tastes nailed.

    I actually have CBC Radio 1 and Radio 2 in my top 5 radio presets now!!! At the ripe old age of 31.

  3. Extend the graph another 15 years and add a third overarching line for bluegrass. That is where this all leads, you know.

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