CNN and The Onion Quiz: Spot the Satire

Sign of the end-times: CNN is syndicating The Onion on their home page and The Onion is syndicating CNN on their home page.

On any given day, you could read a selection of headlines and I wouldn’t be able to tell you which of the two sites they came from. CNN has walked from being bad news into the world of farce (and it has nothing to do with The Onion).

Here’s a quick quiz – which headlines are “real” (CNN) and which are “satire” (The Onion). Click the links to see the answers:

Surprise, they’re all from CNN – all from one day.


5 thoughts on “CNN and The Onion Quiz: Spot the Satire

  1. I knew that kidney donation was a true story because a Kirby salesman showed up at my house a couple days ago and told me about it. While shampooing my carpet and trying to sell me a very expensive vacuum.

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