Word is like a drug

An interesting quote from an article about the legal battles surrounding government adoption of open document formats in the US:

“Microsoft sees what’s coming. Things like Word and Excel are sort of like a drug now getting ready to go generic.”
— Florida Rep. Ed Homan

Of course, no one dies if they don’t get their monthly dose of Microsoft Word. Still, the comparison is interesting.


4 thoughts on “Word is like a drug

  1. This has nothing to do with that weird analogy I don’t really get, but about your website’s usability.

    I like going through old comments to see what I’ve missed in between visits. And they’re not separated clearly. They all kinda blend in. Bolder headers for the comments, or maybe some

    s would do wonders for my old eyes.

    And god, that captcha was a bitch. Maybe I should go to that eye doctor…

  2. If word is a drug, that makes Microsoft a pusher. Yeah, it kind of fits, they get you hooked on their document format, then you can’t switch because you’re addicted. Besides, everybody is doing it. Does that mean Open Office is like methadone?

  3. For some reason, I chose WordPerfect for my home computer – my way of sticking it to the man. But the discipline of being aware of two sets of functions and icon has been interesting, less of a sleepwalk using either Word or WordPerfect.

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