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REMOVE CUSTOMIZATION button from Virb.comThe new like-myspace-but-more-hip website Virb has a feature worth noting. Like many sites where you can create a page about yourself, you can do all kinds of visual customization to your page. On the same place (notably) on each page, though, there is a “remove customization” link. Clicking this link shows you the page using the default layout, fonts, colors, and overall style.

It’s an interesting idea to allow people to customize their pages to be as beautiful or ugly and as readable or obscure as they like. Then, give the visitor – the reader – the choice between seeing how the creator wants you to see the page and the plain original format.

I have the vague sense that there is a profound conclusion to be drawn about this, but it escapes me.


6 thoughts on “Remove Customization

  1. I’d love to try out this Virb everyone’s talking about but our Smartfilter at work bans it under the category: Spam Email URLs.

    For reference, MySpace is not banned in Smartfilter.

  2. Modest Mouse’s Virb page (or is it “space”) is much more modest without the customization.

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