Superbowl Sunday Sermon Suggestions

  • The Real Superbowl Holds the Blood of Jesus!
  • Jesus is My Quarterback
  • Jesus is My Coach
  • Jesus is My MVP
  • Jesus is My Half-Back
  • Hail the real Mary
  • The Quarterback Sneak (into heaven)
  • Which End Zone are You Running For?
  • The Star of Our Half-Time Show: The real Prince
  • Bears, Colts, and Cloven Hooves
  • Peyton Manning: False Messiah

5 thoughts on “Superbowl Sunday Sermon Suggestions

  1. ‘Hail the real Mary’? The Hail Mary play is derived from the Catholic prayer, “Hail Mary”. It already IS the ‘real’ Mary.

  2. In addition to what Brian said, I can’t recall ever seeing a sermon title associated with a Catholic church, the only ones likely to devote a sermon to her. Not too mention Catholics don’t call them sermons…

  3. James & Brian – I clearly should have done more research… For the record, though, I came up with this list while sitting in a Catholic mass.

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