My Reality TV Show Pitch: Jump the Shark

I had an idea for a reality TV show this week. It’s called Jump the Shark. Contestants have to jump over a shark.


15 thoughts on “My Reality TV Show Pitch: Jump the Shark

  1. If I drank coffee, and if I was drinking coffe when I read this, I would have snorted it all over my laptop laughing.

  2. A couple of years ago, I had an idea for a TV show called Jump The Shark. Each episode would utilise the same set core group of actors, but every week would be a different “fake” show. So, one episode of Jump The Shark would be a made up family-oriented sitcom. Another episode would be a reality show. Another would be a police procedural. Etc. Each episode would be the episode in that fake show’s run where they jumped the shark. As if each fake show had been running for a number of years, and the episode we see is the one where they are desperate to retain viewers.
    I think it would suck.

  3. How do I apply to be on this show?
    If you successfully jump said shark, do you then get to wrestle it and eat it?

  4. i have been wanting to have my own reality tv show for years now. the only thing is… i dont know who to go to, who to talk to, where to start. the things that me and my friends experience is unbelievable. there is a circle of us, meaning that me and all my friends know eachother. each of us have a best friend on each side. there is always drama, so that wont be a problem. we have personalities to die for and we are all cute. if i was to videotape us for for not even a week, but for one day… you would be amazed at all the funny, wild, crazy things we see, do, and experience. once again, i just dont know who to go to.

    message me on myspace

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