MySpace is Rock and Roll

I’ve never understood MySpace. Apparently the kids love it, but it has always seemed like noise to me.

Then it dawned on me.

MySpace is rock-and-roll and I’m a middle-aged parent in the 50s.


19 thoughts on “MySpace is Rock and Roll

  1. PatrickQG: your first sentence just goes to show you’re one of us middle-aged parents of the 50s. Your second one seems to forget what the main “redeeming feature” of rock & roll has historically been (and MySpace apparently is carrying over): getting laid!

  2. I’m 20, and I have found facebook to be quite nice, but never really could get into myspace. Perhaps it was all the adds, or the lacking visual interface.

  3. I’m 23 and I’ve all but remapped to in my hosts file. It’s useless, ugly, and just downright useless. I almost fell out of my chair when I started seeing “myspace mobile” ads on TV. I assure you, myspace != rock and roll, as rock and roll is still around 40 years later and myspace….well I give it a week. 🙂

  4. YouTube is far more rock and roll. It provides for not really participatory common but alternative new cultural touchstones. MySpace is the Teen Beat magazine poster on your rec room wall. YouTube is the band in the poster.

  5. Considerings the fact you can add youtube on your myspace account, I would have to disagree strongly with you Alan. Myspace is the rock n roll world undergrounds new advertising and informational medium. Maybe some of you are missing the train, boat, plane, starcruiser, ect. on this FACT but that may have something to do with how few shows you attend locally anyhow. I too could once be accused of being a myspace naysayer, but myspace has shown me as a musician/dj that it has the incredible power of putting many more people in touch with what you are currently doing now and in the future and gives artists that would have previously been medialess an incredible opportunity to reach people instead of letting the record companies pick and choose who those people should be for us.

  6. To recap: You don’t understand MySpace and whine while travelling. You enjoy sweaters and Dave Barry. Middle aged? Steve, you’re an old man.

    Actually, excluding Dave Barry, I’m with you. MySpace make my eyes sad. I complain about my legs cramping up whether travelling by land or air and, while I’m not wearing one right now, I will probably be sporting a sweater before the day is out. It’s getting chilly.

  7. ok well first of all i just so happen to be a myspace nazi i still love it but u kno how those kids can be sometimes i am 40 yrs old and wanting to kno about hooking up on myspace!

    it sounds fun

    -Jim Landonzo

  8. “I think the difference is rock-and-roll was good, and MySpace, well, isn’t.
    I care not for it’s lack of, well, pretty much any redeeming features.”

    MySpace roxz0rs your boxz0rs.
    I see you said “rock-and-roll >>> WAS < << good, and MySpace, well..." You see, you even admitted it. it >> WAS<< good. Everything gets old my friend. And you've aged incredibly fast. Sorry to you. 😛 Adios Niggas. Yes yes. Im a white 16yr old poppin my shiz 🙂 .. Aha?

  9. k this paged came up as a pop-up and its pretty entertaining to hear you guys talk, do you have lives or is this your life, posting your opinions on whether or not myspace compares to rock-and-roll…?? just wondering

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