Gaim Needs You

Gaim dude

The fabulous instant messaging client, Gaim, could use your help. That is, you’re a talented and generous web designer.

With the impending release of Gaim 2.0.0, the Gaim website is in need of an update to be as slick as the application it represents. If you are a web designer that is interested in helping create a new, better Gaim website, please let me know.

There may be some budget available, but we’re really looking for people to contribute sans-monetary-compensation. That said, if you’re worth it and can’t afford to volunteer, but are still interested, let me know.

I’d love to do it myself, but I’m too fabulous busy doing other stuff.


3 thoughts on “Gaim Needs You

  1. I don’t have a portfolio site up, but I am a web designer that is very interested in web standards, xhtml and interested in using more php than just the includes (as I am now, pretty much). Where and how can I start?

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